The Book Wars Celebrates: First Anniversary


The Book Wars Celebrates: First Anniversary



The Never Heard Before Genesis Story

It was a rainy afternoon (I actually don’t remember but the default fall/winter weather here in Vancouver is rainy) when I got an Idea! If you know me, I often get ideas and some of them are actually not nonsense. We were sitting, I believe, in the fancy grad lounge (we MACLers…

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keeping up with the news during vacation.


keeping up with the news during vacation.


Alec and Magnus  (◡‿◡✿) 


"Tess," he said, hoarsely. He was on his feet, without knowing how he had gotten there. He took a step toward her, and then another. "Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five."

She knew immediately what he meant. He knew she would. She knew him as no one else living did. “Are you counting days?”

"Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five days since I last kissed you," he said. "And I thought of you every single one of them. You do not have to remind me of the Tessa I loved. You were my first love and you will be my last one. I have never forgotten you. I have never not thought of you." He was close enough now to see the pulse pounding in her throat. To reach out and lift up a curl of her hair. "Never."



you ever see someone attractive but they’re such a stereotypical type of attractive that it’s actually boring

The Mortal Instrumants + Cards Against Humanity

Um, okay, I really need to gather all my friendly neighbourhood Potterheads* for a game of CAH played as fictional characters …