Making Art out of Waste with El Anatsui

To see more photos and videos from El Anatsui’s sculptures, explore the Bass Museum of Art location page and browse the #elanatsui hashtag on Instagram.

Ghana sculptor El Anatsui finds inspiration in the waste caused by modern consumption. He creates colorful wall sculptures out of discarded aluminum bottle caps, seals and labels produced by local distilleries in Nigeria, where he’s lived for most of his career.

El Anatsui’s current exhibit, Gravity and Grace, features twelve monumental sculptures on show at Miami’s Bass Museum of Art (@bassmuseumofart).

Next, the exhibit will be installed in other institutions across the United States, each time with a unique approach: El Anatsui encourages those installing the pieces to influence them by squeezing, stretching or reshaping the sculptures to best fit the space and context.


Worldbending | North America (Tarahumara; Hochunk; Tohono O’odham; Potawatomi.)


"Keep anyone with whom you can read in silence."
—Lemony Snicket


"Keep anyone with whom you can read in silence."

Lemony Snicket

"And for what it’s worth, Mads Mikkelsen actually may be the definitive Hannibal Lecter. He’s said that he plays the character not as a violent criminal, but as Satan incarnate. The show has taken this ball and run with it: Lecter isn’t so much a character as he is an ambulatory locus of evil spreading corruption and pain into the lives of everyone in its vicinity, a lifelike “person suit” wrapped around something unspeakable. Mikkelsen has a weird, balletic grace and buoyance that makes even his violence look elegant—in the knock-down drag-out fight that opened Season 2, I swear the man’s finishing move is a goddamned sissonne. He is a masterfully subtle actor who can convey his character’s monstrosity with a quick flicker of his eyes or a slightly-too-calm reaction. He makes a very convincing Lucifer: If there’s one thing the Devil is known to do, it’s offering people food they’ll regret eating."

Sady Doyle, Hannibal’s Feminist Take On Horror (via fetchhappened)

BTW, the rest of the article is pretty awesome too:

Of all the baroque violence and torment we see on Hannibal, the one thing Fuller refuses to put on screen is rape or sexual violence: “I just feel very strongly as a feminist and somebody who likes women, I just can’t derive any sort of entertainment pleasure from it,” he’s said. Violence is always aestheticized on Hannibal, but it’s almost never sexualized. We’ve seen a naked female body impaled on a stag head, but we’ve also seen a plethora of nude, artistically murdered men, and many more bodies that are so mutilated or decomposed that their gender seems irrelevant.


Merlin: A Summary


An accurate portrait of my life. I’m Mindy, by the way.


An accurate portrait of my life. I’m Mindy, by the way.


do you ever just stop and think about your obsession with something and say to yourself “oh man, i’m in too deep


make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns


make me choose: Sarah or Alison or Cosima (for Isabel)